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What does this involve?

Terms and Conditions

  • 'We' are the Nottingham Roman Catholic Diocese, registered charity number 1134449
  • This website is designed to enable people to book places at Mass while our Churches have restricted capacity
  • You may use this site to book places at Mass in the parishes of the Nottingham Diocese
  • Please take confirmation of your booking with you to Mass.  This may be digital, on your phone, or a printed copy of the confirmation.  If you do not take confirmation with you, the parish might not admit you to the Church
  • If you go to Church without a booking, and the Church is full, you will not be able to attend Mass
  • If you make a booking and later decide not to usae it, please cancel your booking to allow others to use the seats
  • Once in the Church, you must
    • follow the instructions of stewards
    • respect social distancing and sanitising guidleines and notices
  • We cannot absolutely guarantee to provide you with a place at Mass if you have booked.  Circumstances change, and events beyond our control can arise.  However in normal circumstances your bookings will always be respected

Your data

  • We will store your data safely
  • We will only use it for these purposes:
    • To allow you to login and use this website
    • To provide your parish with confirmation of your booking
    • To email you if there are important changes
  • We will not pass your data to any other system without your explicit agreement
  • We will delete your data once booking for Mass is no longer necessary anywhere in the Diocese, unless you specifically agree otherwise at that time.
  • You can delete your account at any time, but we will need to keep your details in the system for 21 days thereafter to comply with COVID-19 Track and Trace requirements. 
  • If you delete your account any further Mass bookings you have made will also be deleted immediately.


  • We put a cookie on your computer or mobile device when you log in so that your login stays current as you use the site
  • If you select 'remember me' when logging in, the cookie remains on your device between sessions
  • The cookie is deleted when you log out, or when you leave the site if you have not selected 'remember me'. 
  • We do not use cookies for tracking or any other purpose except that stated above