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I've signed up but not had a confirmation email

Please check your spam folders thoroughly.  Confirmation emails like this often end up being incorrectly marked as spam.  

One or two email providers seem to be actually 'bouncing' our emails, believing they are spam.  If that has happened, you won't have seen it. 

If you are sure you have not received a confirmation email, please contact us and we will find another way of confirming your email address.   

My confirmation link didn't work

First, please go back to the confirmation email.  If it gave you a very long link, please make sure your email software has highlighted all of it as a link.  You may need to copy the whole thing and paste it into your web browser instead.

If you can't make this work, reply to the confirmation email - making sure you are replying from the address it was sent to - and ask us to set you up manually.